Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book in a Month Pt 5: When Your Story Speaks, Listen

Revelation Station #3

Kora: I want to be a mermaid.
Andrea: no, this is a contemporary story.
Kora: I'm a mermaid, deal with it.
Andrea: thats not fair!
Kora: what can I say, sometimes life's a beach.
Andrea: Ok fine, but I want the story to be sunny, fun loving and witty.
Kora: This is gonna be a dark YA paranormal romance.
Andrea: But-
Kora: talk to the fin!
Andrea: hehe, ok that was funny.
Kora: If you start listening to me, this will go a LOT easier for the both of us!
Andrea: Alright fine. You win, fin-girl.
Kora: Good. Now listen up, here is how the story is going to be..

Damn. It sucks when a main character is so demanding.

*Question for You*
Since its getting all mermaid up in here, do you think Wishing On Daisies still fits as a title? Kora thinks a new title would be better and its hard disagreeing with her. Any suggestions for a different name would be appreciated! Thanks :)


  1. maybe corny, but "Wishing on Starfish"? yes, i know they're sea stars, but does anyone really call them that?

    1. Ohh that is cute!! instead of wishing on stars it's wishing on starfish.


  2. Talk to the fin! HAHAHA loved!
    Hum, I'm with Michelle, something to do with the sea/ocean ...

    1. Thanks! That was an idea from Amandini. As soon as she said it I knew Kora would say that to me. Spunky! I am going to think about the title some more.. might be one of those things that has to wait. :)

  3. Sometimes we are the slaves of our MCs! I think maybe a change of title would be good, but I'm horrible with titles. Simple is always best, though. If it's going to be a dark story, make sure the title fits that too. I wish I could be of more help. If something pops up in my brain, I'll send it your way! :)

    1. Totally! Thank you for the great advice. I might just have to write the thing and think about the title later :)

  4. I have totally had conversations like that with my characters! Glad you two are on the same page now. ;)

    1. That is awesome. I wish I could have more conversations with them.. it is so much fun! I might have to set up a time to meet my characters and have a talk. :)


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