Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book in a Month Pt 4: Tips for Succeeding with Writing a Book in a Month

Thanks to Robin from Robin Writes for honoring me with The Versatile Blogger Award. Woots! If you haven't already check out her great blog.

Tips for Succeeding with Writing a Book in a Month
Be prepared, have an outline and character info handy
Set daily goals: divide everything up into bite sized chunks
Share your goal with others
Set your boundaries
Stay focused on what you want to do next 
Think positive, believe in yourself, and stick with it
If you get stuck skip over it and write the next scene
It’s OK to suck. Embrace the suck.

Revelation Station #2
I started out with the idea I would be writing my memories from joining the swim team in high school and falling in love for the first time. It wouldn't be too difficult to turn that into a story right? WRONG.
The more I worked on this story the more I realized that I couldn't make it a memoir, it just want to be that story. Wishing on Daisies took on a life of its own. It wants to be something else! It doesn't even care for the name Wishing on Daisies anymore. hehehe.

So, I am following my gut here and letting the story grow into what it wants. Memories were great for inspiration, but it turns out they were just a springboard for this journey.

"Steadily aim for your goal unswervingly. That is dedication." -DeMille


  1. "It’s OK to suck. Embrace the suck."

    This is some of the best writing advice ever, and I really, really need to take it to heart!!! This is an extremely helpful post--thanks!

    1. Oh and grats on the award!! :)

    2. Hehe, yeah "embrace the suck" is a difficult one for me too! It is also hard me to to stay positive and stick with things.. but I am going to try my best. Thanks for the encouragement as well. You are totally made of 100% win!


  2. Such great stuff here, Andrea. I'm soooo pro all things NaNo! :D

  3. Awesome tips. And yes, stories tend to do that, taking a life of their own. JuNo month allows you to let go of that control and let it happen. :)


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