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Here is a collection of books that have really helped inspire me to write. They are filled with ideas and and heartfelt encouragement.These books will get you writing!

The Right to Write
By Julia Cameron

This book feels like a warm summer breeze,  there is something wonderfully comforting about it. It encourages you to free yourself from the blocks and fears and write for yourself. This book will help to awaken the love of writing within you.

By Susan G Woolridge

Susan’s love for words and poetry opens your mind to the limitless possibilities of the imagination. The ideas and exercises encourage you to dream, play and write. If you weren’t a fan of poetry before you might be after this book.

Bird by Bird
By Anne Lammott

This book contains encouragement, humor, and honest advice about the writing life, and following your heart. I enjoyed Anne’s personal accounts and her heartwarming style.  While providing insights into the writer’s journey, she encourages you to have fun, and write.

Writing Down the Bones
By Natalie Goldberg

Often considered a must have for writers, this book is about writing from the heart and encourages making writing a practice.  Natalie includes a lot of personal accounts, and interesting advice – like how to choose restaurant to write in. It is a book that links life to writing, and writing to life.


  1. Love the books you recommend here. I have read all of Bird by Bird (a few times), and parts of Writing Down the Bones and Poem Crazy. I need to check out Right to Write. I'll let you know what I think. There is also one by Stephen King that is pretty fantastic...can't think of the name of it off hand...

    1. Thanks Christine!

      The Right to Write is fantastic, esp if you liked Bird by Bird.

      Stephen King's is On Writing, which so many people love but I just can't seem to get into it, I need to give it another shot.

      I need to make a new list, because there are a lot of other great books I want to included. Zen and the Art of Writing, Page by Page, Editing and Revising, If You Can Talk You Can you can see I have a bit of an addiction. hehe :)



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