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Book in a Month Pt 1, Developing The Story Concept

Next month is dun dun dun... JuNoWriMo amd CampNaNoWriMo. I have decided to write a Book in a Month and blog about it for those who may be interested in doing the same thing. I have tried to write a book in a month before and failed, but this time I have a good feeling about it. I can do it!

I am going to share my journey here in hopes that it may help others, and provide some new ideas to try. 

Week 1: Story Preparation
Lets start with Story Concept and Inspiration

I originally wanted to write a YA romance, and chose my memories of swim team and my first love as inspiration. The title, Wishing on Daisies was actually inspired by the cover that I purchased pre-made from Jacee DeLorenzo. She does great work.

Title: Wishing on Daisies 
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
POV: First person with lots of humor (hopefully) 

The one sentence pitch
When Kora, a shy book nerd has to move in with her Grandfather she meets Sebastian, the boy of her dreams and decides to join the swim team, but will she be able to win the heart of Sebastian when other girls including the popular Brittney are also vying for his attention? 

Here is a great story skeleton structure from Jim Butcher's Live Journal

After moving in with her Grandfather Kora's world is turned upside down. The only positive aspect is meeting Sebastian, a gorgeous football player. She is too shy to do anything about it and decides to join the high school swim team in hopes making an impression on Sebastian, but with other girls vying for his attention including the popular Brittney, will Kora break out of her shell to go after what she wants? 

(I am not so sure about her joining the swim team just to get Sebastian's attention, maybe her friend encourages her to join instead?)

Personal Inspiration:
  • Memories from joining the swim team in high school.
  • I love romance stories.
  • I want to write a story of a young protagonist who may seem like the underdog at first but grows stronger and realizes her inner strength and beauty.
 Book and Movie Inspiration:
  • The Seven Rays: I like the writing style.
  • In Lane Three, Alex Archer: A book about a young protagonist swimmer.
  • Swim the Fly: A male protagonist swimmer.
  • Bring it On: Female protagonist cheer leader, with some romance.
  • She’s All That: fun YA romance

Do you have suggestions for other ideas or inspiration?
How do you develop your initial story concept?


  1. I like that formula ... I'll have to try it.
    And I like your premise. I'll think about another motivation for joining the swimming team and let you know ...

    I think I added you on CampNaNo, though I'm not really online there or trying to be. I'm helping the creators of JuNoWriMo with it, so I'm pretty busy as it is without logging in on another challenge, though, yeah, maybe I should give it a try since it's almost the same thing, just have to update the word count. Oh, well, let's see ;)

    1. Hi Juliana,

      Thanks for the encouragement. Its always good to know if you are on track. Today is going to be spent on plot and characters - gonna be a tough one.

      I joined both just to see how each of them are different. It is going to be a great month!


  2. I'm doing Camp NaNo too, and my planning is a little ad hoc really. I have a word document. It has notes. I add to them now and again.

    Perhaps Kora is a good swimmer but has never joined the team because of her shyness. Her friend encourages her to join and the catalyst for her finally doing it is a chance of impressing Sebastian. (And perhaps all the sports teams have a social dance together at the end of the year?)

    1. Thanks so much Angeline,

      These are some awesome ideas!! I love it. Thank you. I was afraid of putting my stuff out on the web because it is so rough, but it is great getting feedback and ideas. Good luck with your planning and with Camp Nano. We can do it!


  3. Great premise, and I love the insight into your process! I like the above suggestion from Angeline regarding the reason Kora joins swim team. It could also be that her friend encouraging her to join is the first sign of community and belonging she's experienced since moving. And a little attention from Sebastian certainly doesn't hurt the cause!

    Good luck with your upcoming challenges, and keep us posted on the process! :)

    1. I agree with you and Angeline - I will use that in the story.

      I've been working on the plot and the premise has already changed, ha ha. But I am just going to keep moving forward.

      I'm making Kora a mermaid! (couldn't resist a touch of magic after all)


  4. That is a great formula. I don't know any of those inspiration books you added, but I think your own memories will be wonderful material for your story. Kora might be shy and so joins the swim team in support of her friend. (Goodness knows the things I did for friends that I would never do for myself!) Gaining confidence and strength through the swim team would help Kora grow and attract the attention of Sebastian. Good luck with JuNoWriMo! I'm excited for you. I know these challenges always make me feel giddy. :)

    1. This is great, thank you Christine! The challenge is exciting and scary :)


  5. I am still in the dreaming about writing stage...i love this much information for me to think about!!! thank you... I think I would write from personal experience...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad the ideas will help.



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