Friday, June 1, 2012

Book in a Month Pt 6: Finalizing the Rough Plot

I just completed my rough plot. Phew! I know that it will probably change a lot once I start writing but I will use this as a guide. Yay!

Here is the first three chapters of the finished rough plot:

Wishing on Daisies 

Prologue - Dreaming
Dreams of being a mermaid as a child

Chapter 1 - Moving In
Kora moving in with Dad because mom died. They lived in Midwest
Kora is now in Seattle– mom wanted ashes cast to the sea.
Cute meet: Sebastian is over to help Dad

Sebastian finds a daisy and gives it to Kora, tells her about football/athleticism.
Conflict: Kora is very shy, nerdy, low self esteem
Sebastian invites her to go swimming at the lake
Mom said to never go near the lake or natural water, “unclean” “unsafe” dangerous? Promise me, she said.. (maybe it starts the change? and/or its age that starts it?)
Kora meets Michelle – neighbor, her age. They become fast friends.

Chapter 2 - Day at Eden Lake
Michelle gets Kora out of her shell, gets her clothes etc, makeup, hair cut
Michelle teases, “don’t let Sebastian see you.”
At the lake with Michelle tries to convince Kora to join the swim team, Michelle wants a friend with her
In the water Kora starts changing, greenish/blue skin (thinks she is just seeing things)
Kora thinks she's just imagining it
Sebastian asks what is going on, Kora tells him Michelle's idea for swim team. He really likes the idea
Kora embarrasses herself around Sebastian
Brittney arrives and takes Sebastian away
Kora decides to join the swim team

Chapter 3 - Swimming
School starts
Sebastian starts hanging out with Kora between practices and waiting for bus, in hall. etc.
Conflict: Kora is worst swimmer on the team
Brittney laughs and tries to get the others against her. Elizabeth the coach gets on Kora's case to work harder. They will be facing their rival team in the next meet
Kora starts getting attention at school from other guys but she’s not interested
Brittney: mocks her, talks about going to creative arts school, swimming scholarship?
Britney tells her to stay away from Sebastian

Kora goes to the lake to unwind, she practices swimming, She sees scales but thinks she must be dreaming

Thanks to everyone for your patience and encouragement during the next month during WriMo!


  1. WOW now thats some detail. I wish I had a rough draft like this, I am totally pantsing it right about now. Good luck with NaNo, feel free to send me any chapters if you need any help :)

    1. Thanks Laura!! I think everyone has a different approach, I love plotting so much I think I could be an evil overlord. hehehe. Now, its the other stuff that gives me trouble! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you this month.

  2. Good plotting! It should carry you along well. :) Good luck on your first day of JuNoWriMo!

    1. Thanks Christine! It was hard exposing this to the public. Now that I've gotten the plot structured I hope that I can actually write the thing :)



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