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The First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest Pt 2

The First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest Pt 2

The First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest is hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books. Feel free to check out her website to join in and read the other entries!

Post 1 will be on Tuesday, June 12 - Share your 1st FIGHT scene on your blog... lovers spat, a banter back and forth, a battle scene, a classic fist fight, etc. It can be physical or verbal, fists or magic. Whatever you want.

Post 2 will be on Thursday, June 14 - Share your 1st KISS scene on your blog. It can be a peck on the cheek or a full fledge kissing session. Whatever you want to share.

From The Falcon Prince
This is one of my favorite scenes, explaining Arman and Kaitlyn's connection. Not the first kiss, but close to it. I hope you enjoy it!

He looked down at Kaitlyn who was now asleep in his arms. It had been nearly a decade since he last saw her. Memories of that night flooded into his mind.
He had fallen from the sky, snapping branches as he went. When he collided with the ground he felt his bones break with the impact. Blood spurted from of his wounds. Cyrus was out of his grasp now, and the pain of regret filled him. He would die before he could revenge his sister’s death.
Arman’s breath came in gasps; he tried to will himself up but couldn’t move. He only hoped he would die soon, before a wandering animal made him into their next meal. His eyes gazed up at the sky and he saw the moon, full and high above the trees. He had never thought much about the moon before, now it would be the last thing he saw before leaving this earth.
A moon-lit angel appeared above him, with long hair and sparkling eyes. She was his namisad, his soul-mate, he knew with every fiber of his being. There were stories told that if one did not meet their soul-mate in their life, they would wait for them on the other side and return to guide them to the celestial realm. His soul-mate bent down and gently touched his broken wings. She caressed his bloody chest. He no longer felt any pain, only incredible peace. Arman closed his eyes and let the feeling wash over him. He didn’t have to fight anymore; he was going with his soul-mate to the afterlife. A surge of lightning made his body quake, and he felt as light as air. It was the merge, when his soul-wind bound with hers. Soon they would be going together. Soon he would be free.
She screamed.
A tidal wave of pain rocked his body.  Instinctively he lashed out.  His body felt heavy again. In confusion he opened his eyes. She was standing away from him, holding her hand against her chest. Blood trickled down her arm.  She was no angel. She was a young woman, a human woman.
He knew that he was healed now. But everything was wrong. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. He let out a piercing screech and flew away from her.
How did she? What had she done? A soul-joining could not do that.
He flew up high above her and she started to run, taking off past the trees. From a distance, he followed her back to a campsite. He had to know who she was and why she did this. He watched her from the upper branches of pine. She was just an ordinary teenage girl, probably eighteen or so, a little younger than he was. She sat at the campfire next to her father. Trembling, her frightened eyes would look up from the fire to scan the woods at every sound. She must have been as shaken as he was. The back of her hand had a long scratch that she mindlessly rubbed with her fingers. He regretted that he hurt her. For hours he tried to figure out how she was able to heal him, and how she was able to become his namisad. But no answers came.
Sky People were forbidden to soul-merge with humans. And while he never cared much for conventions, his life would be far too dangerous for her. For whatever reason he had been given a second chance, and he would use it to see the fall of Cyrus. He couldn’t bring a young human woman into this, even if she was his namisad. She would live a better life with her kind. It was best if he flew away and the farther from her the better. He left then, taking off into the moonlight to begin his new life. He vowed to never see her again, a vow that he has broken many times over the years. Whenever he flew near the city, he always checked on her from a distance.
Now he was carrying her to his home.
She was no longer a young woman with wide eyes and a thin body. She had the lush, full figured body of a woman. Thick, strong hips and delicious thighs. Her beauty ignited a desire in him that he hadn’t felt in years. Strands of light hair broke free from her ponytail and chaotically framed her face. He imagined kissing her lips, her throat, her collarbone. He wanted to untie her pony tail, running his fingers through her hair and watch it cascade over silken skin. He wanted to kiss her deeply, passionately. Desire burned within him. No, she definitely wasn’t a young woman anymore. 
Arman pushed back his longing with a stern grimace. He could not give into temptation. Not now.


  1. I freaking love this story already, just from the excerpts! You are super talented - and this scene is wonderful!

  2. Longing for something he can't have...very good!

  3. Oh I absolutely love this! It's so full of passion but also intrigue and grace too. Absolutely wonderful extract, thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Wow--that's great! I so want to read more.

  5. Wow! Great scene! It's easy to see why it's one of your favorite scenes. :)

  6. What a great piece! It left me waiting for what happens next.

  7. Give in please. Great scene. Love Sky people and so want to keep reading. :)

  8. Great extract, thanks for sharing with us.

  9. I second Kyra! Can't wait to read the whole thing someday!

  10. I LOVE it, especially the last paragraph. Holy Wow!!!

    Thanks for participating!

  11. That was incredible! I love the flashback and the power of it. Well done. :)

  12. Painful - wanting something so much but not being able to! Took me to the place, great piece!

  13. Although I think some of the prose could be a bit fresher, I was impressed by how you seamlessly wove in the world-building info. Good job!

  14. That was a wonderfully written excerpt. I can't wait to find out what happens between them. :)

  15. Wonderful. Think I trust him a little bit more now. ^_~

  16. Aw man! So much excellent history there, but the untouchable status... Oh boy.

  17. The sweetness of meeting with your soul-mate in the afterlife to continue the journey together made me sigh with girlie-longing. Nice. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  18. Visiting from the first fight/first kiss blog hop and trying to catch up. :) What a great scene. I so want them to kiss and break the rules!
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between


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