Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book in a Month Pt 20: BIAM Recap

Thanks to all of my new blogging friends, this has been an amazing journey. I never cease to feel so much awe at how encouraging everyone has been. I have really enjoyed getting to know other writers, it is so awesome considering 6 months ago I only showed my writing to a couple of people. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done this without you.

I want to thank all of those who have been with me through the whole Book in a Month challenge. There are too many people to list. Special thanks to the peeps who have personally reached out to cheer me on. Triple rainbows to you, my friends!

I made a page for the BIAM Recap here.

The Book in a Month Dare:
Now it's your turn. I propose a dare, for anyone out there who is brave and willing. Would you try writing a Book in a Month? If you have done this, in the process of it, or are thinking about it, let me know!


  1. Congratulations on your successful completion of your book. I'd love to try but don't think it is within my capability. I actually started one a year ago and m still in the second chapter. But like you I feel one will have to dare oneself and be willing to push oneself further to get words on paper.

  2. Congratulations! I did NaNo once and crossed the 50K finish line, but it's not something I can maintain. Not with two toddlers at least.

  3. What a challenge! I did Nano last November and loved it! I didn't finish my book that month but I did make way more progress then I would have otherwise. In fact, I've been thinking about doing camp NaNo in August. Good luck with your challenge!

    (oh and I sent you an e-mail, but you won the 3 chapter critique :D )

  4. I won NaNo last year and, if I wasn't working on revision, would have won JuNo this month ...
    I wish I could do this kind of thing more often. It would be good to have a book written every two or three months lol
    Congratulations on finishing yours ;)

  5. I'd like to try to the challenge, but I don't think I'll get the time I need to do it. It's awesome, though. I still feel giddy for you! :)

  6. I'm a pretty prolific writer lately (not always)...I wrote 4 books (shortest: 45k, longest: 67k) in about 6 weeks. I've slowed down (haven't finished a book in June yet, sadly). I think my challenge would be to go back and edit within a month! I get sulky about editing and throw in the towel.
    But to prevent myself from losing my momentum from April/May, maybe I'll do a BOIM in July...

  7. I do NaNo every year, and I love it. Of course, 50k isn't very long, but if I can get 50k in a month I can do 70k in two.

    One year I was really stupid and decided to do another right after NaNo. That one took three months because I spent a month being burned out.

  8. I do NaNo also. It's not exactly the same, but quite a rush.

    I left an AWARD for you over at my blog. It's an effort to get to know my fifteen newest followers better.Stop by and check it out.

  9. Congrats! That's a great accomplishment.

  10. After my personal NaNo last month I gained much more admiration for those who can succeed at pumping out a story (or book) in a month's time. I'm just not that fast. My stories need to simmer for a while so I have time to stir the pot a bit. Congrats to you on the accomplishment.

    BTW, I left you an award at my blog. You can pick it up at http://strandsofpattern.blogspot.com

  11. Stopping by to let you know I have an award for you on my blog.


  12. Congrats on what you've accomplished! Can't wait to read it! :)

  13. Congratulations. That is an awesome accomplishment. One day I will try this but maybe when I don't have a toddler running around. Although, I have a hard time back down to a challenge.


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