Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book in a Month Pt 8: Setting Goals for Writing a Book in a Month

My Goal
  • My goal is to finish a rough draft of Wishing on Daisies this month. Whether its 15,000 words or 50,000.
  • I will keep track of my progress by how many pages/chapters I finish. I currently have 10 chapters total in the rough plot.
  • I will try to write 3 chapters a week as my target goal.

So Far..
I created a Rough Plot of my entire story. It is already done. Yay!
Similar to the Snowflake Method, I just need to expand upon each of the ideas in my rough plot and voila I have a rough draft. Unfortunately, it is never that easy. :)

Daily Goal
I do think setting a daily goal is very important because it helps to break down the big project into manageable chunks. Here is my daily goal:

Write Everyday

If I write today I am happy. If I don't write today, then I try harder to write tomorrow. I hope this works! We shall see how things go...

What kind of writing goals do you set for yourself, or have tried?


  1. Goals are so important when your doing things like NaNo, but I think rewarding yourself for achieving those goals is even more important. It keeps you motivated. Like today I want to hit 5K and I have a bar of my favourite chocolate on hold for when I hit that.
    Overall I want to complete a first draft of Damaged Souls this month, and I'm aiming for a word count of 60K. It's going well so far.
    Good luck with your goals :)

    1. You are totally rocking your goals, Laura! I know you are going to make it! :)

  2. Awesome plan, Andrea!I know you'll do great!

    1. Thanks :) I hope you are doing well too. I know it is gonna be a difficult month but we can do it!

  3. Fantastic plan! I try to write every day, even if it's just a hundred words, but sometimes it isn't possible. I think about writing a lot, though. I work out several things in my head.

    1. I know what you mean! I have an easier time writing on the weekends. During the week when I have to work I get soo tired by the time I come home that I don't feel like writing. I think that we have the intention of writing every day is a very good thing, plus there is always daydreaming. I count that as working on a novel :)


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