Friday, March 30, 2012

Go on, Go on, Go on...

Mrs Doyle: Who’s for writing?

Father Jack: Writing? FECK!

Father Ted: I’m fine, Mrs Doyle.

Mrs Doyle: You won’t write today?

Father Ted: No thanks, Mrs Doyle, honestly, I don't want to write.

Mrs Doyle: Are you sure now? You've got your computer on.

Father Ted: No, I’m not in the mood, thanks.

Mrs Doyle: All right, so. Ahh go on, would you not write one word?

Father Ted: No, thanks Mrs Doyle, I’m fine.

Mrs Doyle: Just one little word. Go on, write one!

Father Ted: No, really.

Mrs Doyle: I’ll tell you what, father...

Father Ted: Seriously!!!

Mrs Doyle: I’ll open your document anyway and you can write in it if you want. Now, Father Jack, what do you say to writing?


A tribute to the show, Father Ted

1 comment:

  1. I laughed so hard I made a funny braying noise in my office. This was...genius.


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