Monday, April 2, 2012

Writing is a Joy

As a  teenager I started writing in diaries. While life spun around me like a whirlwind, writing was my calm center. I also wrote poems to express my feelings. It was fun to discover words that described my heart, and shape them on the page.

Writing, in and of itself was a joy.

So… when did it become such an agony?

For me, it was in my late twenties when I decided to write novels. When I wanted to become published. Still do!

The self-critic got to me. I became discouraged by my sloppy amateurish work. I would write a rough draft and determine it wasn’t good enough for any eyes to look upon, lest they go blind. I still enjoyed writing, creating my own dream-worlds, but editing scared me to death. The fear of failure overwhelmed me. So, I would just write another story – hoping my rough drafts would magically become better.

I knew that if I were to ever actually finish a story I had to battle my demons of criticism, and do the grunt work of making the story better. Without giving up or getting down on myself (too much). I got help from a trusted friend who guided me on where I could improve. I decided to only focus on editing one chapter at a time so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed. Then I forced myself to get to the work of editing. It was very painful.

On Sunday, I was in the process of combing through my story when I realized something. Editing wasn’t so horrible anymore. In fact I was actually kind of enjoying it. I was in the zone..the editing zone! Slowly, but surely the work was being molded. I was making it better, watching it grow and blossom. It even sounded, dare I say.. like a real live novel.  I think I am finally coming to terms with this process. Writing has its moments of agony, but I can work past them.

Joy can be found in every season.


  1. I find that when my ego is attached to the writing process, my creativity suffers. It's hard not to be that way...It just seems important to remember to enjoy the process and what it gives us--that strong, quiet center you talk about.

    So glad you can work through the agony moments! :D

  2. Amen, sister! and yeah, it is very difficult to deteach the ego from our babies :)


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