Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ring Ring, Your Passion is Calling

Do you have a calling in your heart – to write, to draw, to make music, to anything?
Its time to discover what you are passionate about that gives you happy joy-joy feelings.

Make a “Things I love to do list.”
Write I love______ and write what you love in the blank. Do this again on the next line and the next, until nothing else comes to mind. There is no right or wrong, just write :) And if you want to, feel free to share.

Things I love to do:
I love spending time with my husband, my cat, my friends and family
I love writing
I love reading
I love being in nature
I love gardening
I love cooking
I love learning
I love going on adventures
I love listening to good music
I love to laugh
I love creating art
I love going for walks

Now that we've made our list let’s make what we love a priority in our lives, lets make time for it. When you do, you feel so much better. It feels right. It makes life a lot happier and exciting. You feel enriched. The hard times are easier to cope with because you have that shining light in your life that you can draw from. We become a lot better people to be around – and better able to help others.

Make time to do what you love, because you deserve it. Answer the call.

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  1. I want to run out and write like now now now now...hehehe! This is a great post. Life is too short not to do what we love--making time for it, whatever it is, can become a real skill. Love this post!!!


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