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Start a Free Writing Journal

And I’m free, free writing
Yeah, I’m free, free writing...

Free writing gets us comfortable with allowing ideas to flow, and can be very therapeutic in its own right. When you free write it allows your subconscious to open, and thoughts will come from you that you didn't even know where there. I know of know better cure for Writers Block. The possibilities of discovery are endless!

Ways To Start Your Free Writing Journal
  • Pick a journal or notebook out that you really like, you can find really good ones at book stores, or you can even find them at places like Target.
  • Start a journal folder on your computer and open up a document file.
  • Start a blog – no one has to see it but you.
  • Start an online Journal or Diary at or
This space will be used for free writing, to let yourself write whatever you want, generate ideas, and be as creative as you want!

Got your journal, notebook, document, or blog open? Awesome. Let’s FREE WRITE!!

Traditional Method:
Some writers set a timer for 5 minutes, but I have done this without a timer as well. Start writing whatever thoughts come into your mind, and feel free to include the ahhs, umms, and I don’t know what to write abouts. If you get stuck, think about what is currently around you, your feelings, or what is going on in your life. Try adding the senses, such as sights, smells, textures, and sounds to your writing. The goal is to keep typing, or writing for the entire time, but if your mind pauses for a moment that is OK. 

Follow the words and where it leads you. Allow your mind to wander and free associate. You might start off talking about the weather outside which reminds you of a trip to the lake which remind you of how blue your Grandfathers eyes were.

Don’t worry about punctuation. If a negative thought comes up or you get bored - write about it. Remember, no one has to see it. The important thing is to just let it out and keep writing. Don’t hold back or think it needs to be edited or polished up - you can always edit later. This is about letting your writer’s voice come through and freeing the writer within.

Starter Subject
If you want to start with a subject in particular, why not write about one of the Things You Love to Do?

Project Helper
Your free writing journal can also be used as warm up before working on other writing projects, or as a way to generate ideas for the project you are currently working on.
If you have a specific subject, scene, character or a poem etc. to write about, think about the subject and start writing anything you can think of that comes to mind. Allow yourself to follow wherever your thoughts go and you may find some unexpected gems.

You may want to consider starting a subject specific journal. You can have one just for the book you are working on, or for a pet, a healthy diet and exercise journal, a dream journal, a thoughts journal, or a poetry journal...what other ideas can you think of?

OK, I’m Finished Writing, Now What?
Congratulations! You Wrote! Good job! 

Read over what you wrote and it might bring up even more ideas than before. If you are using it for a project or for ideas, underline any writing that you really liked, and/or want to use later then copy it on a separate page or document to expand upon.

Try designating a time to write, such as mornings when you just wake up or evenings before bed. Or, take your free writing journal with you wherever you go! The more you free write, the more you will get into the habit of writing, and allowing ideas to come to you.

Start free writing, and see where it leads you.


  1. Wow. What a great post! And such great advice! "Don’t worry about punctuation. If a negative thought comes up or you get bored - write about it." I never thought about writing the negative thoughts out of existence and acknowledging their existences that way...seriously good ideas. Thank you so much for this post. It's given me something to think about...

    1. One of the ways you can free write is to write down everything that pops into your brain, including anything negative. I think it is a good idea, at least to start because it does make you aware what "voices" are in your head, so you can battle them :)

  2. I love free writing and I love my writer's journal (or shoud I say journals)! It is one of my favourite tools when I cannot get into the flow of writing for my current project. It's great because I feel like I've accomplished something. The thing I often use free writing for is problem solving. If I'm having an issue with a certain aspect of my current project then I sit down, write the problem and then keep writing until I work out an answer. Works wonders. It is also a great tool for coming up with new ideas and inspiration to draw from.
    Great post!


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