Friday, March 23, 2012

My Life Purpose-ular Cellular Phone

Yesterday you heard the phone ring, and it was your passion calling. You may not want to answer it but let me tell ya, they are the worst telemarketers I know. If you ignore them, they just keep calling back. So let’s answer it!

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring.. Purpose Phone
Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping.. Purpose Phone
It’s no bologna, it ain’t a phony, it’s My Life Purpose-ular Cellular Phone...

Ok, now we're pumped!! Are you ready? The big question of the day is... What is my life's purpose? 

I have been having trouble lately trying to figure this one out myself. What to do with my life, what career should I take, what am I really here for? I think a lot of people struggle with this at some point in their lives. And this guide can help you find the answers. So, grab your papers and your pencils and let’s give it a try.

What are your qualities?
Just list whatever comes to mind, and give some time for the ideas to come to you. Again, you may want to ask a friend or family for help here, and trust their answers. Its good to write it as I'm__.

I’m caring
I’m compassionate
I’m creative
I’m open minded
I’m kind
I’m a good friend (or try to be)

What are you good at?
Write this one as I'm good at___ Try to push back those negative thoughts that want to argue with you and list your talents. I recommend asking a close friend on this one too – because a lot of times we don’t realize the qualities we have. Also note, you will likely see some similarities between this list and the “Things I love to do” list.

I’m good at writing (at least my friend thinks so)
I’m good at cooking
I’m good at thinking creatively
I ’m good at learning new things

What things do you struggle with?
If you had an amazing friend that could help you with all of the things that you struggle with, how would they help you? Write the list as They would help me ___.

They would help me feel accepted
They would help me feel inspired
They would help me feel like my work is meaningful, is good
They would help me laugh
They would help me by just being with me
They would help me by being a friend till the end
They would help to be myself, be free to be myself, love me for who I am
They would help me by encouraging me to follow my dreams

How would you make a better world?
How would you change the world for the better, if you had all the power to do so?
That is a big question, I know, so take your time and think about how the world could be a better place. Use We would___ then fill in the black with how the world would be better.

We would stop destroying nature
We would be free to be creative
We would be kind, compassionate, and caring
We would be able to achieve our goals
We would stop fighting, and judging each other and find community with the world
We would love each other, and not hurt each other
We would provide quality education to all of our children

Ok, the list can get pretty long on this one, so let’s refine it.
Look over your list, what ones are you the most passionate about?

We would be free to be creative
We would be kind, compassionate, and caring
We would love each other, and not hurt each other
We would stop destroying nature

Now we are going to combine them together to create a life purpose, WOOT!

Get out a separate sheet/page, and use the template below. You will be adding your answers to  the template to create your life purpose.

By using my: (What are your qualities?)
And: (What are you good at?)
I will help the world: (What things do you struggle with?)
And to: (How would you make a better world?) - this one may need a little tweaking, such as changing an I to they/we etc.

Take a look below at how I combined them together.

By using my: caring, compassion, creativity, open mindedness, kindness, friendship
And my: writing, cooking, creative thinking, ability to learn new things
I will help the world: feel accepted, inspired, their work is meaningful, laugh, just being with the world, be a friend till the end, be free to be themselves, love them for who they are, encourage them to follow their dreams.
And to: be creative, kind, compassionate and caring, love each other and not hurt each other, cleaner and stop destroying nature

Ok, that is a lot of things, and they are all meaningful. You might have something similiar so  let’s refine it a little bit to what truly speaks to you, also feel free to edit the words so it sounds good to you. Let's title it My Life's Purpose.

My Life's Purpose
By using my compassion, creativity and open mindedness
And my writing, creative thinking, and ability to learn
I will help the world feel accepted, inspired, laugh, and encourage people to follow their dreams
And to be creative, compassionate, and care for nature

After going for a walk and thinking about it (walks are awesome for thinking), I edited my purpose again, (and later edited it again) I took out and added some things.

My Life's Purpose
By using my compassion, creativity and open mindedness, and my ability to write,
and to learn, I will help inspire the world to laugh, to love, to follow their dreams and be creative, and be compassionate to each other and to nature.

So feel free to read yours again, does your Life Purpose-ular Cellular Phone ring true? Tweak away until it does. Remember, you’re qualities, your talents, and what you are passionate about can - and usually does change with time. Just be open and listen to your heart. Feel free to share what you have found.

Remember, your life and your writing is your message to the world. What do you want to say?

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