Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Getting Started

The first thing I wanted to do this morning was write in my blog. Wow, what an amazing feeling.  It’s like a fresh spring morning when the birds are singing, and the trees are blooming, and you are twirling round and round singing, “The words are alive, with the sound of music!” while unicorns fly rainbows around you. I was eager to put my fingertips to keyboard and let the thoughts pour out. Nothing seems to invigorate me like a new project (if only it wasn’t so hard to finish them)!  Ok, I’m excited, I want to write. Good. Now, what should I write about?
My original idea was to share all the wonderful things I learned by reading other authors, all of the tips, motivation and inspiration that I thought was helpful. But something about it did not feel right. It wasn’t me communicating with you; it was copying another person’s thoughts. I didn’t want this to be a Xerox kind of blog; I wanted to really inspire myself and others to write. I realized, with some degree of terror, that I should make this blog a little more personal. Now the Banes of Creativity are kicking in, what if people make fun of me? My grammar and spelling would make a 4th grade English teacher cringe. What if I’m not any good? Ah, this is exactly what I need to do, get past those negative views and write.
So, I’m going to work on finding the freedom to write, to be myself, and overcome my doubts and fears. I’m going to find out what truly inspires, what really helps. My goal is to write, every day. This blog is going to be a journey, one writer to another. I’m sure there will be some stumbling on the road, but I can’t think of a better destination – freeing the writer within. Let’s get to work!


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  1. We write because we love writing...all other considerations need not apply. And we can tell all those negative feelings to make like a tree and get the hell outta here! :D PS, that is the best Venn diagram it!!!


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